I’m A Toronto Construction Mortgage Broker / Loan Broker Providing Construction Financing For A
Wide Range Of Projects”

As a Toronto construction mortgage broker, I help my clients secure construction financing for all different stages of their construction projects.

Because the nature of construction projects can be so diverse, I make sure I have direct access to bank, institutional, sub prime, and private mortgage lending sources that actively provide construction financing in Toronto and Southern Ontario.

Regardless of what you’re starting point is in requiring financing, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

For instance if you are just at the start of a project and need bare land financing to secure a piece of property where building construction will take place, we can help.

Similarly, if you are at the end of your project and need to secure a long term take out mortgage, this is also something that we arrange on a regular basis for our clients.

One of the many keys to being a Toronto Construction Loan Broker is being able to assist your client through out the construction project and to help structure the financing requirements so that properly meet up with the cash flow needs of each phase of the build.

This can even include such things as construction bridge loans that are sometimes required to provide incremental capital to complete a project that has run short of funds due to cost over runs, changes in scope, or issues with getting proper or timely draw advances from the primary construction lender.

The construction application and administration process can be difficult to manage and we pride ourselves on working through any and all issues that arise with our clients and the lender or lenders involved.

The first step is arranging construction financing is making sure that you are aligned with the right source of financing that is capable of meeting your requirements.

This can mean focusing in on different categories of lenders as each construction lender group has their own program parameters, rates, and terms.

If the match made between builder, property owner, or developer and the source of financing is not a good fit, then there are more likely to be cash flow issues that can potentially add costs to the project or even put the project at risk.

Our focus is to first complete a detailed free assessment of your financing requirements with you and then discuss different financing strategies that are relevant to your construction loan needs.

If you have a project you are planning or are in the middle of that requires construction financing, I suggest that you give me a call so we can go over your requirements together.

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