Here's How You Get In Direct Contact With Construction Financing Specialist Joe Walsh

The best way to reach me is to call my direct line at ...

647 933 1090

*** Note: When you call, be prepared to provide information specific to the construction financing you require.  We do not provide general construction financing information over the phone.

My website and free information series provide a wealth of information on general construction financing questions.

You can also email me directly through the contact form below.

If you choose to send me an email prior to us speaking, please provide as much detail about your project as possible.  In particular, in order to quickly assess your construction financing options, I'm going to need to know 1) the location of the project, 2) the value of the land and amount of any  outstanding mortgage(s) on the property, 3) construction budget, 4) financing requirements, 5) Timeline from start date to completion, 6) general project description.

Either way, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly about any specific construction financing requirements you may have.

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