Construction Finance Toronto

“We Provide Construction Finance Services In Toronto, The Greater Toronto Area, and Southwestern Ontario”

For construction finance services in Toronto and surrounding area, we facilitate the placement of both institutional and private construction mortgage solutions.

Our clients are typically a builder, developer, or property owner looking from construction finance for a residential, commercial, or industrial project.

The nature of the construction finance request can range from financing for a piece of bare land prior to the start of construction, to a take out mortgage at the end of the project to repay the actual building loan.

More specifically, we provide construction financing for the following construction financing activities: land acquisition, site development, building construction, construction bridge loans, construction inventory financing, and long term take out mortgages.

If bank or institutional construction finance is something you are specifically after, we work with a number of different bank and institutional lenders that provide construction financing products.

The key with securing a construction finance facility with an institutional lender is understanding their lending requirements so that time is only spent contacting and working with lenders that are the best fit for your project and are more likely to be in the market for what you’re looking for.

Many times individuals will become frustrated with the sometimes overwhelming administrative process that can come along with a bank or institutional construction loan application and seek out our professional assistance to guide them through the process versus wasting time and money trying to figure everything out for themselves.

On the private mortgage financing side, we have relationships with several private mortgage lenders in Ontario that provide different types of private mortgage loans, so if private lending is more your preferred option for construction finance, then its likely we will be able to provide options for your consideration.

Overall, most of the financing requests we receive end up choosing private mortgage financing over bank financing for their construction finance requirements due to the flexibility the can come from a private mortgage lender. While there is going to be a slightly higher cost of capital, the benefits that come with private mortgage lending tend to more than make up for it.

Regardless of what your construction finance requirements or preferences are, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you along with the different financing strategies that may be available to you.

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