Oakville Construction Mortgage Financing

“For Oakville Construction Mortgage Financing, There Can Be Lots of Great Options To Choose From”

If you require Oakville construction mortgage financing, there are some definite advantages having your construction project in the general area of the city.

Because Oakville boosts such a strong real estate market in general, there is more lender interest, both with bank and private lenders, to provide construction loans to area developers, builders, and property owners.

The competition for construction financing projects can also be higher here than even within other areas of the Greater Toronto Area, providing great rates and terms for different project types.

Regardless of whether the project is residential or commercial in nature, where construction financing is required for one or more development or building stages, there is likely going to be a number of potential options to choose from, provided that you allow yourself enough time to explore the market before funds are actually going to be required.

Because of our focus in providing Oakville construction mortgage financing as well as construction loans for other neighboring areas in southwestern Ontario, we have developed very solid relationships with both institutional and private mortgage lenders that provide funding for a large number and variety of construction projects annually in the area.

As a construction mortgage broker, having an area focus is important as different projects, and even different phases within a project, can require different sources of construction loans. And regardless of what stage your project may be at, we have construction mortgage lenders that cover the complete spectrum of construction financing applications including land acquisition, property development, building construction, bridge loan financing, take out mortgage, condo inventory unit financing, and mezzanine loans.

Because we have considerable expertise working with all the different phases of construction, we’re also able to help our clients seamlessly (or near seamlessly) manage their capital requirements through out the project life cycle.

If you’re in the process of planning a construction project or are in the middle of one and require Oakville construction mortgage financing, I suggest that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your options and provide relevant construction mortgage financing options for your immediate consideration.

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