Peterborough Construction Mortgage

“Peterborough Construction Mortgage Loans are available for land acquisition, site development, building construction, take out mortgage, construction bridge financing, mezz financing, and condo inventory loans”

For Peterborough construction mortgages, our customers include builders, property owners, developers, contractors, and home owners looking to do a self build or renovation.

We are focused on developing and maintaining Peterborough construction lending sources and sources for the entire southwestern Ontario area. This includes both bank or institutional, and private mortgage lending sources.

Depending on the project and the particular lender requirements, a private or institutional construction loan may be the preferred option. Our goal is to clearly understand what you’re requirements are and then get you matched up to a construction lending source that can best meet your needs in the time you have to work with.

Our services can extend to a complete construction mortgage financing scenario or be limited to funding one particular phase or capital requirement of the overall construction project.

For instance, may builders and self build projects may only require the actual construction building loan and have already lined up their long term funding source to pay out the construction loan on their own.

Another example of partial placement would be with respect to bridge financing and inventory financing. With larger condo projects, if there is a delay in getting condo registration or the condos are not selling as fast as projected, we can arrange a condo inventory loan to help cash flow the project until the sales and/or registration is completed.

With a bridge construction financing request, there typically is construction financing already in place when the client contact us, but for some reason additional funds are required and cannot be originated by the primary lender. In many cases we can arrange small bridge loans to be put into place in a matter of days allowing the project to stay on track.

For larger scale projects where more than one source of construction mortgage financing is going to be required for different phases, we work closely with the client to not only arrange the necessary funding, but to also make sure that there is a seamless transition from one funding source to another during the project.

If you’re in need of a Peterborough construction mortgage for a project you’re working on, I recommend that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide you with relevant construction loan options for your consideration.

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