Markham Construction Mortgage

“We Have Markham Construction Mortgage Sources For Residential and Commercial Projects”

If you live in the Markham Ontario area and are in the process of planning out a construction project, or are in the middle of one already, and you’re seeking construction financing, then we’d definitely like to help you.

Our mortgage team places construction loans and mortgages all over the Greater Toronto Area including Markham.

We place construction financing for both residential and commercial projects with bank and private lender sources.

From a project point of view, we work on a wide variety of building construction as well as land acquisition loans, site development, take out mortgage, bridge financing, and mezz financing for projects that require an additional equity component.

Depending on your project, there may be more than one stage of construction that requires financing and this is where excel as our goal is provide all your construction financing requirements from beginning to end and to assist you with the construction mortgage administration so that things go as smoothly as possible.

There is nothing more frustrating for a builder or a developer than when construction loan funds don’t flow on schedule. This can create delays and added cost to the overall project. That’s why working with construction lenders that best fit your project requirements is so important and something we work hard to arrange during the application and lender selection process.

We also maintain strong relationships with both institutional and private mortgage lenders to ensure that no matter what the requirement or need, there will be a potential Markham construction mortgage solution available.

As an example, if a project runs over budget or is experiencing trouble getting draws advanced from a bank or institutional lender, we have private mortgage sources that will provide construction bridge loans for a project that’s not complete behind the construction financing facility that’s already in place.

If you’re a self builder that plans to occupy the project upon completion, we can also help arrange the take out mortgage that best suits your short term and long term repayment needs.

If you require a Markham construction mortgage, please give me a call so I can quickly assess you situation and provide relevant construction loan options for your consideration.

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