Hamilton Construction Mortgage Financing

“Here’s Where You Go To Locate and Secure Hamilton Construction Mortgage Financing”

Hamilton construction mortgage financing options are available for a broad cross section of residential and commercial properties in the Hamilton, Ancaster, and surrounding areas.

We work directly with property owners that want to do self builders, developers working on large projects, or builders with two or three separate projects on the go.

The Hamilton construction loan landscape can include anything from mortgages to acquire land to the actual construction financing for building construction and everything in between. This is a key point to make in that different phases of a construction financing project may require different construction mortgage loans from different lenders.

For instance, an institutional lender will finance a self build construction project provided that they can approve financing for both the building construction portion and the take out mortgage. They may not have any interested in financing development costs and if there is an over run in project costs for some reason, a construction bridge loan will likely have to be acquired from a private mortgage lender.

For larger commercial projects, its not uncommon that there can be separate construction loans put in place for land acquisition, property development, building construction, bridge financing, and mezzanine financing.

The key points to take away from all this is that 1) if more than one type of Hamilton construction mortgage financing is required during the life of a project, you need to make sure that there is a seamless transition from one to another so that the cash flow is not disrupted and the project time line can stay on track; 2) construction loans can be very regionally focus, especially when it comes to private money sources, so you need to make sure you have access to type of Hamilton construction financing you may require; 3) the best way to locate the most relevant sources of financing for your project and to make sure that all stages of the project are properly funded with out incident or delay is to work with an experienced Hamilton construction mortgage broker.

If you have a Hamilton area construction project that you’re planning or are in the middle of, I would recommend that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide you with the most relevant Hamilton construction mortgage financing options for your consideration.

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