Burlington Construction Loans

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We provide Burlington construction loans and construction mortgage financing solutions for a wide variety of residential and commercial property applications.

Whether you’re a property owner, a builder, or a land developer, we have construction mortgage programs that will likely be able to meet your requirements.

Our focus is on construction financing in the Burlington area and Southwestern Ontario. This allows us to maintain strong relationships to the broad cross section of both bank and private mortgage lenders that can be required for different construction projects.

Its not uncommon for a construction project to have multiple phases and different types of construction loans from phase to phase.

For instance, a land acquisition mortgage is essentially a construction related loan if its directly connected to a construction project. As a builder or developer moves into the property development stage, additional capital may be required in the form of a second mortgage, refinanced first mortgage, or equity injection. The actual building stage can require yet another round of financing in the form of a Burlington construction loan or more equity financing or a combination of the two. If the project runs over budget, construction bridge financing may also be required.

For home owner self builds, construction take out mortgages will need to be arranged to consolidate the construction costs into a long term mortgage. For multi unit developments, condo inventory financing can be required to cover the ongoing project costs while unsold units are being marketed for sale.

All the different construction financing application can be very lender specific, sometimes requiring a given project to work with a number of different sources of Burlington construction loans during the life time of the project.

That’s why we also maintain strong relationships with both institutional and private mortgage lenders so that all the bases are covered no matter what the capital demands of your project may be.

As construction mortgage brokers, we are also experienced in helping you manage the construction mortgage administration and the transitions that may need to take place from one type of construction loan or capital source to another.

If you require a Burlington construction loan, I suggest you give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide relevant construction financing options for your consideration.

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