Ontario Construction Loans In High Demand

“The Supply of Ontario Construction Loans Is Always More Challenged In The Prime Building Season”

We are now into July of 2010 and the construction financing season is into full swing.

With construction starts growing month over month for the last several months, the number of projects under way will start to impact the available sources of construction financing in certain areas.

Remember that the majority of Ontario construction loans come from private mortgage lenders and this category of lender, unlike a bank or institutional mortgage provider, has more of a finite supply of capital available to fund construction projects at any given time.

And with private mortgage construction financing being more specific to region and project type, there is a greater chance than supply will start to get constrained in the summer months compared to other times in the year.

That being said, there is no risk of the market running out of Ontario construction financing. But in certain areas for specific projects, the supply can become periodically constrained creating more opportunistic pricing for lenders who are prepared to lend in those areas.

Similar to any commodity market, supply and demand will impact pricing and terms of sale or terms of financing in this case. As a result, you could end up paying higher rates than you need to if you can’t find better construction financing options in the time available.

To make sure that you get the construction loan you’re looking for, the best approach is to work with a Ontario construction mortgage broker who covers both your area and the type of project you’re working on. Mortgage brokers that are more focused on construction financing will have a larger supply of relevant private lenders than mortgage brokers that place the occasional construction mortgage loan.

Construction mortgage brokers will also tend to work with private lenders that cover a broader geography. So if your local construction financing sources dry up or start to jack up their pricing, private lenders from outside the immediate area may be your best option.

But to access them, you’re going to have to be working with a construction mortgage broker covering your area.

If you’ve got a construction project in Southwestern Ontario that your planning or in the middle of, I recommend that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your situation and provide relevant Ontario construction loan options for your consideration.

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