Stouffville Construction Financing

“Stouffville Construction Financing Mortgage Loans Are Available Through Both Private and Conventional Mortgage Lenders”

Stouffville construction financing loans and mortgages are located and secured for our clients through our network of construction financing lenders.

Construction financing is a focus of our Toronto and surrounding area mortgage brokerage where we work on construction funding requests for small renovations to the construction large commercial or multi unit residential buildings.

Our customers include home owners, property owners, developers, and builder, all possessing their own unique requirements for each individual project and project stage.

Its not uncommon for most construction projects to require two or more forms of construction related financing starting with a land or site acquisition mortgage and ending with a take out mortgage for single family unit self builds.

In each situation, our goal is to match you up with the construction lending program that best meets your requirements and will provide a lender relationship you can work with.

We look at construction financing both on a phase by phase basis and a whole construction project basis.

Sometimes our customers only want help with financing for one particular phase or part of the project and have managed to secure the remaining funding on their own. Other times, we are asked to put the entire funding package together over the life time of the project and assist in the transition from one form of financing to another.

For instance, its not uncommon for construction funding to be required to land acquisition and development. Depending on how much additional equity gets created from the development process and from any incremental investments made by the property owner or developer, there may be an opportunity to secure additional construction mortgage financing, registered behind the initial mortgage, to fund all or part of the construction build stage.

In other cases, we are asked to quickly arrange a construction bridge loan to deal with a cost overrun situation or a draw cut back from another lending source in order to keep the project on track.

Regardless of the need or application, we are welcome the opportunity to discuss any and all of your Stouffville construction financing requirements. And because of our extensive lender network of both institutional and private mortgage lenders, this is a very good chance we will be able to come with a solution that meets your needs.

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